Looking For a Specific Animation Set

Where do you get your resources aside from the Unreal Market? I’ve searched through it and can’t find what I’m looking for and I don’t know what other sites to trust.
I’m looking for an animation set that isn’t hyper realistic, so probably no mo-cap. A set that features a character two handed swinging in all directions. Left, right, forward slash, possibly diagonal. Kind of like the Jedi Knight series or maybe even Mount and Blade. I actually found a skeleton and fbx converted version of the Jedi Academy skeleton, but importing it into Unreal is a nightmare. I’m looking for free or paid assets. So more or less; where do you shop for your models and animation?

Hi, I have not tried it yet but it seems easy to use and import
Ciao, non l’ho ancora provato ma sembra facile da usare e importare

Mixamo is really good, but has some issues. Like if you download a pack, all the animations for movement seem to be root based. But do not work as root anims, cause the root from mixamo files are the hip.
So you need to manually download each of these types of anims 1 by 1 as in place. Or edit it to have a root yourself, and transfer the xy position and z rotation off the hips to the new root.

Also, the naming on mixamo bones are very odd, and massively dont align with ue4 standard, so re target is a pain.

Otherwise its a good source.
I have downloaded over a few hundred anims from mixamo and have been working on editing them to have a root bone and what not.
But came here to find a solution to a diff prob. Thought i would reply to this since I know info that could help heh.