Looking for a solution to edit Tame Affinity with a custom item.

The title says it all. I want to find a way to get Dinos tamed will less of a loss to affinity. The kibble system is interesting but clunky especially if you are playing solo and don’t have the time/patience to deal with gathering the tons of ingredients. I don’t want to overwrite the existing items I just want to make a consumable item players can use during taming to boost a dino’s tame affinity. I have been looking at the event graph as a possible way but I have no idea how it works or how I would do this. Any one have an idea of how to do something like this?

You may be able to add an INI line like “PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity”.
Heres a post by Raven: Dino Balance Changes :: ARK: Survival Evolved General Discussions

That solution looks like it would work to change the dino stats based on the affinity but I want to change the actual affinity of the dino while taming.
Each time your dino eats the tame bar fills and the affinity bar lowers. Essentially I want to find a way to restore the affinity bar.

Take a look at DinoDeathHarvestingComponent blueprints. That’s where you will need to add your custom item and affinity values. Hope this helps!

I know that the settings for dino affinity and food are in the DinoSettings_…_… blueprints. I just don’t want to remap every single dino in the game to add a food item for taming. Is there a way to have an item you place in the dino’s inventory edit said dino’s stats when remote used?

You really wouldnt have to edit every single dino. but only the DinoSettings___ that the dinos refer to. Each dino does not have their own blueprint. I think there are probably like 12. 6 for Herbivores and 6 for Carnivores… And if you edit the base, you might only need to make 2 edits. It sound like you want a blueprint solution that edits affinity at run-time. Not everyone approaches things the same way but I would have (and actually have) went with the no-blueprint option as its more straight-forward in my opinion and no extra logic needed to execute at runtime.

If you don’t have a solution by tomorrow, I may be able to play around with a blueprint solution. I don’t know off the top of my head though.

As a side note its handy to know that you can change an aspect of groups using the “property matrix” option (Property Matrix in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation). Very handy for altering large groups of files that need the same change.

It would be useful if they made a new set of data available “Additional Dinosaur Foods” - Dinosaur Class - Food Item Class. and “Additional Dinosaur Feeding Devices” - Inventory Class/BASE Blueprint

The dinosaur classes are so messy to change with the ADK, simply because you can’t neatly change the parent class without a TC mod. You can do some remapping work, but most people don’t want to change the hierarchy, just alter 1 part of it.

Use the affinity multiplier in consumables BP and make it a child of the appropriate item. I use Mejo and Prime meat in my mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614802086

That looks super helpful. Thanks.