Looking For a Small Team

Looking to put together a small team. I know some blueprint in UE4 and I am kind of tired of doing small projects by myself. I am looking for others who are intermediate with UE4. Need some ideas right now I’m kind of at a blank. Leave a comment if you are interested and I will get back to you soon.


Do you know Blueprints Networking?

What is your experience? If you’re tired of working on small projects, perhaps you would like to work on a slightly larger one thats already in the works? Let me know.

im also looking just to try and do a side project with someone what skills do you have regarding blueprints ? im happy to thrssh out ideas

Hey there, I wouldn’t mind joining a small team to work on something. I’ve also got quite a lot of time on my hands at the moment. I’m no Unreal veteran but I do tend to get things done given the time of course. If any of you are interested let me know!

​​​​​What experience have you got ? Do you have discord ?

I don’t know much regarding BP networking however I am good with many mechanics like hunger, thirst, leveling systems, shooting mechanics, line tracing, etc;

Depends on what you would be interested in doing. I like many genres of games. I enjoy some FPS games. I like open world games as well as survival games. Let me know what you would like to do.

Sounds pretty interesting from what I’ve heard. What project is it? What could I do to help?

Hey! If you are looking to work with a team I might be able to help. I’m from Post-Collapse studios, and we are looking for at least one programmer. If you are interested please send me a message!

Practically all of those mechanics need to be replicated in multiplayer games. Recommend you get your learn on in BP Networking :slight_smile:


Do you have examples of your previous work? You’ve been working solo thus far, surely you have something to demo. Its not fair for me to ask that of you, without examples of my own to show off:

  1. Multi-user Construction System
  2. Multi-Camera Perspective System
  3. Creature Collage Construct System
  4. Visual File System (UMG)
  5. Dimensional Teleportal System
  6. Eye Tracking System
  7. Multiplayer Character Interaction 3nhanced: 1,2,3

Managing a Dev Team is way more work than Solo Dev, because your dealing with other Peoples emotions and ideas. IMO, it would be in your best interest join a preexisting team that could use your skills, before starting a Team.


Sounds interesting. I think I can help out with those mechanics. What do you need done the most?

Hi sounds interesting do you have discord to talk about projects?

Hello @Owenowe,

All of our Blueprints scripting requirements involve networking/replication in some form or fashion. Additionally, we’ve acquired *significant *Blueprint Packages from the Marketplace to modify for our purposes.

Would you be open to learning Blueprint Networking and working with existing Blueprint packages?


I would consider myself kind of a beginner when it comes to blueprints, because I haven’t done much more than a little Prototyping so far, and i still stuck in things like AI combat. Although I say that, I have much time in my hands and I am willing to cooperate with everyone. I support the thought that with a little help and some time to try, we can accomplish anything as far as it goes for blueprints. I hope you will let me help you on your small team, because I too like you want to finally start participating in something bigger than small solo projects, and I think that it’s easier to learn how to do something right when you work with others, than when you do it solo.

Thank you for your time.