Looking for a small team for a Remake project.

What I am looking for /
An environment artist and a programmer, to form a small team to work on a remake of a point and click styled puzzle game.
I am open to all your ideas to improve the gameplay and you will have a direct influence on the game’s visuals and mechanics.
I want this project to be yours as much as mine. I am not looking for people to work for me, but a team to work with me.

What the game is about /
A young man in a search of his father’s disappearance during an arctic expedition to find an icebound ship. As you follow his
trails you stumble upon the ship yourself. It is up to uncover the secrets of the ship, solve the mystery of the disappearance of
its passengers and your father’s whereabouts while staying sane and alive in the freezing environment.

What I can offer /
I can’t offer any payments as of now. But we can have a talk about options for payments. I have been granted the ip by the
game’s owner, if the game is made as free to play, however, this can maybe be renegotiated and then we can talk profit but
as for now think of this as an unpaid project.

About me/
I’m 32, Currently based in Aarhus/Denmark. I’ve been working in the 3d industry for 6 years now. Mostly doing visualizations
and with very little game development experience.

If you are interested /
Then please drop me an email and tell me a bit about what you would be interested in. Show me some of your work and let’s
have a talk about where this would go next.

Contact me at /

Thank you for your time.
Chase Galliardo.

I would suggest some points to improve the idea:

  1. to avoid any copyright issues, just come up with youre own story

  2. for this special environment (frozen ship) you can’t really buy 3d assets from the web/marketplace. As you are a 3d professional yourself, you might estimate the workload to create hundreds of self-made 2d and 3d assets required for this kind of project. This will be probably be 60%-80% of the total workload for the whole project. If you can do that, you should showcase some, so people can see that you can really do it. If you cant do it, then you should change the story&setting to something you can mostly buy…otherwise people may assume you have no realistic plan how this project may get finished and loose interest.

  3. as you say about yourself you “have very little game development experience”, you should have an answer to why you should lead the team

  4. as the project is (definetly) unpaid, you should have good arguments, why people should work on this project with you.

  5. make a plan B for the case that you dont find people or the people will leave during the development.

Hi Pinotti!

Thank you for your feedback ! It is much appreciated!

I have gotten a written approval by the owner of the game to work on a remake, as long as it remains free to play. I’m not interested in making a brand new story. It’s the remake I find interesting:) but with a remake comes a few small changes here and there that I would love to include whoever is interested, in developing those new features etc.

I should have included a link to my 3D work, good point. I am a 3D modeling artist and I have been doing props for minor games in the past. On my artstation I only showcase some of my high poly stuff though.

my intentions are not to lead the team but be a part of it as a prop artist.
I’m just trying to reach out to anyone who is looking for a project to have some fun with on a low key basis.

And in terms of modeling the levels. I’m not thinking of this game to look realistic with tons of details. A more simple approach would be what I prefer. Both from an artistic perspective but also to keep production to a realistic and achievable level:)

I am definitely working on my plan b and c for how to carry on with the project with little to no help! I just wanted to ask people out there in the community if they could be interested in making a team and a product together :slight_smile:

thank you once again for taking the time to reply!

Best regards