Looking for a small team (1-2 people) to work on a small project

Hello there,

I am looking for a small team of 1 or 2 people plus myself to work on a small UE4 project.

About The Project

Project Name: High Ground Castle

Aim of Project: To create a world war 2 like German castle level inspired by the likes of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The overall idea is completely fictional but I would like to use the stereotype you see in the movies e.g a dark castle with rain and lightening effects with an eerie atmosphere. Also with the likes of prison/holding areas and torture rooms etc. Like I said, a stereotype German castle. The project will be more of a demonstration/tech demo than a game as it really is just one level. However, However, due to the size of the level I need project help.

I already have an artist working with me who is focussing on weapons/basic props and will shortly have a full first person weapon system blueprint set up for an MP40 Submachine Gun and a Walther P38 Pistol. The reason for this is so the gameplay of the demonstration can be true to the atmosphere as well as showing off some destructible meshes (physics).

**Talent Required:
3D Artist
VFX Artist (If possible)

This is a great opportunity to have a portfolio piece, work within a small friendly team and learn a lot also. I have already begun blocking out the level and will post some screenshots as soon as UE4 4.10.0 has finished updating.

If you want to help out on this project then please drop me a Skype message via “bobsy95”.

Please don’t comment if your going to criticise me or hate on the project. I am just a young developer trying to better myself and want to reach out to the community to work with other aspiring developers.

I really do wish I could pay people but I am in no position to do so. I am hoping that people see the side of wanting to follow their passion for creating game content rather than wanting money. Therefore, I suggest that this project is not for people who have worked on paid projects before or who are looking for paid work. It is just a project for Indie like people who want to create, learn and have fun.

Kind regards,