Looking for a skype tutor

Hello there, I am looking for someone who can teach and point me in the right way in learning unreal engine 4. I have already created a level (very basic) and navigation is not my main issue. My main issue is with blueprint. The majority of tutorial I find are outdated so I am unable to follow along. My initial goal was to mimic the tutorial and over time begin to understand how the aspects of blueprint work together. Because of the outdated tutorial I have found I am getting stuck right off the bat. I’m sure to someone who has worked with game engines in the past the tutorials would suit them fine. I am an adult so I will be courteous and listen to you with open ears. I also pick things up pretty quickly. This can also be a great opportunity for you to hone your teaching skills if needed. Im offering $15 an hour do to you not having to spend time commuting or gas for that matter. I would pay you via pay pal. Please message me if you are interested. Thanks for your time!

PS: If anyone knows up to date blueprint tutorials I have missed I would love to give them a go! A tutor would still be nice for al the questions I will have. Take care!

I just downloaded 5 past versions to try and find a version I can follow. Does anyone know the most up to date blueprint tutorials that take you step by step?

You can find some up to date bp tutorials on the official youtube channel, but even the old ones are still useable -> the only big difference is the layout (the component tab is now on the left upper side + now everything is located in small tab icons and not the big buttons) :slight_smile:

I will check it out fighter, and I sent you a message on skype if you get time. I know if I can just get the ball rolling I will be just fine! Difficult but fine :).

Will add you in skype tomorrow (currently pretty busy) :slight_smile:

i downloaded ue4 and it is a little different from newest tutorials, but you can follow… that is my eperience, i was totaly new and still learning that way