Looking for a Skilled Developer C ++ / BP / LAN / WAN Networks Oriented


I am 45 years old including 5 in UE4 and I am looking for an experienced developer in C ++ and UE4 Blueprints oriented in LAN / WAN networks to become my partner in equal parts.

I have ideas for projects and funding possibilities.

As a developer, you will be able to concentrate on programming and I will take care of the rest including Promotion and Business Creation on our behalf.

We will make a contract to start as associates and protect ourselves.
Then creating a business for the working environment and raising the funds.
Then the realization of the project and implementation of everything that revolves around it.
Then promote and sell the product and ensure its follow-up.
And finally, profit sharing and reinvestment in the business to recruit and create a bigger project and so on.

My Portfolio:…nt?usp=sharing

If you are serious and really interested, you contact me on Contact - Shin Kaneda Team
Then we can talk about it on Discord.


Male only position?

Female also of course.

New projects are awaiting, need skilled devs for it, contact me if interested to join.

GSlide Portfolio of my Skills in the Video Game Industry:

Please try to be much precise as possible for your request.

Contact - Shin Kaneda Team

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