Looking for a Reliable Cloud Service Provider

Hi all! Our company is looking for a reliable cloud service provider. Finally, we decided to go with the flow and make use of cloud computing. Anyone who could recommend a good one? We have one in mind but we still want to have more choices before getting one. Thanks and please give us a good option.

Amazon, Windows Azure, DigitalOcean.

Amazon is pretty expenesive, pretty fast, Windows Azure is… Windows which might not be for everyone taste (though it’s really easy to manage and save money if you are not using it to much), DigitalOcean is pretty cheap and good, but lack the real enterprise support of former two.

From all of them I would choose Windows Azure, if not for other reason then because it’s already battle tested in game development (Titanfall, Halo 4).

This is the stuff I do for work, and there is so much to consider when you say “cloud” that it’s very hard to answer outright.
Depends what you want. Have you defined a list of requirements, must and desirable to have features? Are you looking for more of a cheap budget service or something that is actually enterprise level?

The big named providers are always going to be a safe bet (but you’ll pay for it) and you can get some free credit for most of them which you can spin some services and do some comparisons. See what fits best.

I use Digital Ocean … they are more a VPS solution provider and don’t support Microsoft … but you don’t have to code applications in a specific way as you might have to with some Cloud Service Providers.

But as Xenogenik pointed out … “cloud” … is a very subjective request and chances are none of the suggestions might actually be what you think of as “cloud”.