Looking for a recommendation; how to troubleshoot a boolean doing multiple jobs

I have a boolean that I used for grunt work, controlling for my hp as dev as I worked on this project; but now when I test my win condition, the menu won’t delete. I still get mouse over and click effects, and it will go to the main menu, but it won’t allow the me to continue play. However the menu is fully functional before I score the last point; if I use a keyboard input trigger to test. Any recommendations on troubleshooting tips?

I don’t understand what your describing. I think there’s a lot of details you may be leaving out. You refer to a boolean, a widget and inputs at a minimum without indicating how those things are related.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter though because the answer to your question is (IMHO): you don’t. You don’t troubleshoot that because you shouldn’t have a single boolean doing multiple jobs. A variable should do one job, that’s it. Variables are cheap (mostly) create all the variables you need for all the jobs you need to do.

I tried this with a greater than pointScore condition. My problem persists.

I also didn’t expect the details to be needed. Here: Details.

My devMode toggles death off on a difficult 3d platforming level. It made my life easier when I could fall without dying; a cognative disability made a delay for me in my moving my spawn point. Provided the no_Death benefit seems like a good reward for winning. I think I’ll keep it.

The scoring and boolean are both done in my character blueprint. The same is true with the creation of my win screen menu, which I copied from my fully working game over screen. Nothing big is being done with the score, except for that the scoring object being turned off (patterned on a shooting range object.) If it hadn’t been turned off, the score would just keep going up.

My event tick goes through my section ‘victory lap’ into section ‘dev mode’ into section ‘player health’ into section ‘game over menu’; although there is an unused sequence between dev mode and player health (presently unaddressed, I admit) - nothing else is being done from the event tick. However if the victory lap branch lands on true, it diverts to section ‘win screen’ - the problem section. As I told earlier, this section works until it is generated by the above branch. Whether by bool or by int, the menu is broken. :frowning:

Is there anything I haven’t covered that you think you might need?

Sorry it took a while to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to help. It’s really hard to remotely debug someone else’s code that you’ve never seen and it sounds like you have a logic problem some where subtle.

The only recommendation I can offer is learning the blueprint debugging tools built into the engine. This starts with the “breakpoints”, which you can place on any blueprint node by right clicking and selecting the “Add Breakpoint” option. This will stop the execution of the game at that point and allow you to inspect values available to the blueprint. You can then use the buttons on the top ribbon to step to the next node and watch values change and the decisions it makes.

The skill to debug something will be just as important (if not more important) that your ability to actually develop code/blueprint.