[] Looking for a project or team to work with? MEETUP WED Feb 11!

Seattle Unreal Engine 4 Meetup Round 3!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
5 - 9pm

Hey everyone!

This is the official Unreal Engine Seattle Meetup group! We had well over 40 developers and a few of them from Epic here in Bellevue WA. Even some mods from Polycount showed up! We plan on having more demos to show off this time around as well so bring yours!

We have some current projects going on in the group. I am involved in character art and animating for a snowboarding action game. is working on the spline based levels and Gabe McCauly is building our level textures!

Another one I’m working on myself so far is a 3D platformer based on a few other games I’ve made using Unreal 3! It’s called Reaper Rush based on one of my favorite moves in Starcraft but no relation other than that :slight_smile:

There are a few more without videos yet.

Hopefully you can make it and share your project with us! We have a new spot where we were offered the whole back suite area on our Wednesday Meetup! Check the Meetup page for directions. We can eat good food and enjoy drinks while chatting about Unreal and learn new things along with meeting new faces.

We have access to TV so we will make use of that this time which is nice!

We might even have a special event where members can win prize$ this time!

So please bring your lovely face and project ideas, concept art, game design doc or whatever it is you want to share or have questions about.

For more info on the meetup:

Please join our group and RSVP!