Looking for a Programmer

Hey , Currently looking for a C++ programmer or Blueprint programmer to assist in making a custom template to add guns and other bits including gun attachments, coming off shootergame is fine or reusing code.

Work required (no timescale)

-Assist in helping others understand some features
-Coding/blueprinting something similar to FPS template but more advanced

  • Lobby system
  • Online Features
  • Options menu
    -General coding bits and bobs.

The current game is very early development and will be added to Steam greenlight once complete, it will be PC online or offline.

Royalties if fine (Discussion of % etc… upon contact)- Very attractive Royalties
Paid work (limited budget) so royalties prefered.

This is nothing over advanced for an experienced coder so should be easy’ish work

ALSO REQUIRED : Animator / modeller with same package Royalties.

We aim to get this project kickstarted and on steam for sale as an end result.

Very excited about this project although simple it could be a real hit we reckon.


You can contact me at upcoming