Looking for a programmer who is proficient in C++ and Unreal Engine 4 for Bluetooth controller integration.

Hello! My company is currently seeking someone to help us integrate a Bluetooth controller to work with games in Unreal Engine. We originally had this controller working wirelessly via USB dongle to a PC. Recently, we made this controller Bluetooth so it can work on computers, tablets, or phones, but now we would like it to control movements in an Unreal Engine game. Here is a little bit more information about this controller from one of our programmers:

“Our existing applications are cross-platform (supporting Windows and macOS) and are built with Adobe AIR.
The BLE GATT client runs as a separate process that regularly outputs coordinates information to its stdout, the AIR application is responsible for launching this process and reads the data from it. The BLE GATT client for Windows 10 is a C++/WinRT application, and the one for macOS a macOS console application written in mostly C++ with a small amount of Objective C that macOS apps require. As for post-processing the coordinates data, our AIR applications include a simple moving average algorithm to calculate the speed of FapCap movement. This code could be easily ported to C++, or you could roll your own. We can also share the existing Windows/macOS code for the BLE GATT clients for you to review.”

If you are interested in this project, then please contact us. Thank you!