Looking for a programmer to partner with

Hi, I’m a 3D artist and I’m looking for a solid programmer to partner with to create a game. I have enough experience to have realistic expectations on the amount of work required to complete a decent game but I’m confident that there are several game types that could be created by a solid two man crew. This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and I’m tired of wasting my spare time on random side projects. I currently have anywhere from 10-25 hours a week regularly, sometimes more, to throw into a project (I’d say 10 hrs minimum is ideal maybe 15).

I considered joining another project but most people seem to shoot big and are too ambitious for me to be comfortable volunteering my time. I’m not looking to make a MMORPG, RPG, RTS, or survival game. I am open to most other reasonable ideas as long as they are not too complex or something that requires lots of voice work. I believe I can make a “good-looking” game and depending on the game type, possibly a great looking game. Sound will definitely be an obstacle and something to consider before choosing a genre but I have stumbled upon some really good instrumental, classical, and swing music in the public domain which might be suitable. I feel that creating engaging game-play will be the real challenge as well as having achievable goals and a realistic project scope from the beginning.

Knowing what work I would need to be able to do as far as models, textures, rigging, animation, and UI stuff, as well as our sound limitations, my early thoughts for potential game types would be (also not knowing any limitations you might have on your side)

  1. side-scroller (action, light puzzle)
  2. 2d fighting (street fighter 2, MK style)
  3. race/ car driving
  4. car battle arena
  5. 3rd Person flying shooter ( I don’t know if this one should be on the list…)

I have some random other thoughts and/or ideas that would take a bit longer to communicate and I would like to hear your ideas and exchange pros and cons. Whatever game type we decide on, we both need to be happy and comfortable and ideally this would be something that we are both passionate about, and look forward to working on. We will need to be able to communicate well together. I would prefer someone based in the U.S., and ownership and any potential profit would be 50/50, and we would keep that aspect as simple as possible. I suppose I might prefer someone in their 30’s or older but I’m open to anyone over 21.

You can check my portfolio site:
-99% of the work is mine but there is a mixamo animation, a UE4 grass asset, and a water shader that are not my work.

  1. My goals are to release a game with environments and visuals that are appealing, consistent, and interesting.
  2. Gameplay that is (at the very least) mildly fun, engaging, smooth, and well planned.
  3. A product that feels very solid, clean, and polished.

Anyway, this took me awhile to write out and I’m not sure I’ve communicated all of my priority thoughts on the matter but it’s a start. I suppose I’ll throw a few more random thoughts below.

I’m not a big fan of anime or manga.
I do like good comic book art and traditional cartoon styles.
I watched a few minutes of a game I believe is called “Once Upon a Puppet”, and I really enjoyed their style and the fun environments.
I liked what I’ve seen of Cuphead.
I’m not into any games that consist primarily of talking (I like action typically, sometimes puzzles).
Multiplayer would be fun but I can only imagine how much it complicates things, so that’s probably going to be a big limitation for potential ideas.

Some old games that have stuck with me throughout the years are f-zero, street fighter 2, MK 1 and 2, some of the marios, megaman, metroid, and castlevania type of games, pilotwings, the old PC x-wing flight simulator, the toy green army men games, descent, PC sierra point and click/ monkey island style games, twisted metal, ghosts and goblins, medieval, wrestling games of the early 2000’s, bomberman, early tony hawk, 7th guest, and that’s all I can think of right now.

My email is That is the best way to contact me and it’s probably best to put something relevant in the subject line, for example “Game partnership” or something like that. I’ll try to keep an eye on my spam folder too just in case. One could probably private message me on this forum but it’s not something I’ve used before, so email is the best bet.