Looking for a programmer to make me a plugin

Helo there. Me and my friend are developing a game in UE4 and we want to do this in real time together. We come from Hero engine, there we can do level design in realtime together. Any programmers that can make that possible for us in UE4? Or something almost the same?

Ill pay if its a problem

Hey Inator!

I’m not an Unreal Dev, so I can’t be sure, but a plugin such as this would be a very very hard feat to meet.
Running real time networking during editor runtime would be pretty hard, especially if you both tried to access the same actor at the same time.
There could be constant crashes, etc, especially if you try to move an actor, while the other has hit “Build All”.

The closest thing we have to this is using a versioning software such as Perforce, which allows multiple users to edit and combine updated files, etc.

Hope this helps!


I don’t think this is possible, at least not the way Hero Engine does it. Its an entirely different system.

Unreal editor will create a compiled “executable”. Hero basically makes the game run inside the Hero Engine on a cloud. Even when completed. The 2 systems seem totally incomparable.

BTW, if you are making an MMO, I really suggest sticking with Hero. UE4 isnt really designed for an mmo type thing. And you better know your stuff to even try it. You will basically need to write the entire server system for ue4. And man, what a job that will be.

Ue4 excels at what its designed for. A multi-player game with maybe 32-64 players. If that is your goal, ue4 is your engine.
If you want 1200+ or so players, well, IMHO, stick with hero.

I have always dreamed of such a feature since I first started mapping for Unreal 1.

Indeed. handling the conflicting actions of additional designers would be rather tough. However, I believe in the end everything can be implemented with modifications to the editor, and possibly with a client-server method, handled properly.

I see no obstruction to achieving this with a skilled programmer who knows how the editor works, a good amount of time and effort can provide this… until you reach map rebuild.

At which point the only feasible solution would be to deny all client actions until the action is completed. Therefore the workaround is to only rebuild when necessary every so often.

Oh, if only I had that kind of skill level…
I love super complex systems, which is why I love being given weird tasks or mechanics!

But networking and me are like buttered toast and the ground…
I always fall flat on my face xD

We could nag epic for it, but it would go into the roadmap as part of the Wishlist, and wouldn’t really be in demand :frowning: