Looking for a programmer to help create a Dialogue focused 3D game!


I’m looking for an experienced programmer that can help me create the following features with new/existing blueprints on the marketplace:

(Only looking for structure and functionality!)

-Custom Launcher (able to auto-update on Windows/PC)

-Username/Password login functionality
-Dialogue System (multiple branches, display poses, rating based on correct choices)

-System to select/display series of animations/poses/blendshapes through UI

-Map (switches from one environment to the other)

-Lock/Unlock UI

-Arranging a list of UI based on availability

-Store (In-App Purchasing functionality)

If you’re interested and up for the challenge, please feel free to send me your portfolio and pricing =)

I can help with the Dialogue System and the Map System via Blueprints.

My question is, are you switching positions on a map or switching levels. I ask this because both have different solutions, but I can work with both regardless.

I’d be willing to look into the other things too. I love learning how to do things in Unreal.