Looking for a programmer that can help make an indie fighter

Hello my name is Cameron and i am making a fighting game that will be using 3d models that play on a 2d plane similar to killer instinct, and street fighter 5. I will be making this game stand out by using unique characters and unique and fun gameplay mechanics. My plan is to fully flesh out two characers and take all the content we have to a kickstarter to get funds for the rest of the game. I would like to release the game with 8 playable characters and DLC to help fulfill the life of the game. I have recently downloaded unreal engine and have learned quite a bit of blueprint scripting, but i am still armature to say the least. I am currently looking for any programmer. that would be willing to take on this project. I would also like to learn the programming side of development so they would have to do a little bit of teaching as well lol. Thank you all for taking time to read my post.