looking for a programmer and maybe some artists

hello, I am looking for a programmer to create a simple exploration game which will feature my art as walls and planes and blocklike objects
I create stuff with photoshop mostly patterns and abstracts and I want to have a way to look at it in 3d environment
this will not be a regular game like a shooter but more like Minecraft or secondlife where you interact with walls blocks and stuff to create more stuff using uploaded pictures and custom models

we might could use a modeler to create a person for the exploration but maybe just use a ball or simple model…the main thing I want to do is like I say create a world for my art and gain experience to create more 3d like art and have a digital world to explore with mazelike walls and skyscape

I have some other ideas for apps and games so I would like to build a working relationship with a skilled programmer who has freetime to do hobby projects like this

my art is here
it is not very good compared to professional digital artists who work in games and movies so please be kind haha
but I do think some of the patterns and abstracts could make good videogame like walls, planes, skyboxes, boxes objects etc

also I guess we could use a level editor/mapper skilled in unreal engine…I was playing around with unity and I have used unreal before but I am not very proficient

so I am looking for whoever is interested in a project like this
if you also make art and want to put your art into the game I guess that would be cool too
I was thinking this could be like a chain app where everyone can upload their own art and ingame place things like objects but I don’t know how complicated that would be for someone to program a game like that where you can upload assets on the fly as you are playing it like custom decals etc

Hey I’m not very skilled but I have experience with the program and I would describe my self knowledgeable in some parts of a project maybe mapping could be 3d designs im down to try it if you wanna hit me up on discord and send me your email. - my primary gmail!!