Looking for a proffesional Level/Enviroment 3D modeler.

Looking for a proffesional Level/Enviroment 3D modeler.
What we need:
We are making a new horror game,
And we are looking for a proffesional 3D Artist to make the whole map.
Means we need him to make assests+The actual map Which is kind of big.
The best example we can give is the map from the game “Outlast” Feel free to check it out before commenting.
Again we are a small indie team and we cant afford People who are calling themselves “Company/Super fair priced” so keep that in mind.
We do know how things work and we take our work very seriously. We are willing to offer a contract in order to get things in line.
Thanks, Feel free to comment here , PM me and try to iclude the estimated price based on the game “outlast”, Our game requires a smaller map cause we are aiming to 3 hours of gameplay instead of 6 like outlast.
We will get you blueprints and whatever you need.

LoL, you want one man to do the work of a team of more than 10 professional 2d and 3d artists alone and claim to “we do know how things work”?
What a contradiction in itself.


I’m watching an Outlast speedrun to know how is that game. My question is, do you already have a 2D map or concept art showing the world or do you need someone to create that as well?