Looking for a place to

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’ve just recently downloaded UE4, and I have looked at a handful of tutorials and guides. I understand that there is no way to learn to make exactly what I’d like to make, which is ultimately FPS games, but what I’m finding for tutorials seems to be in the opposite direction of what I’m looking for. Most try to show how to make super sexy scenes with crazy perfect lighting, things that are really cool, but unfortunately, not what I’m interested in.

What I am interested in are how to make a functioning, bare bones game. I don’t care if the ground is a flat, single colored square. Can the player move and look around? Can the player jump? shoot? These are the sort of things I’m looking to learn about. I’ll learn to make it pretty later.

Does anybody have advice on where to turn my attention

Fire up the engine, start a new project based on the First Person Template. That has everything you just listed. Dig through the template and see how they did things, then experiment. Also, Google. Also, try and be descriptive with your post titles (and post content) if you want to expedite assistance. Looking for a place to isn’t likely to get you much help.

There are tons and tons of tutorials for basic gameplay, specific elements/features, etc. The big tip I give everyone (in other industries/fields, as well) is* learn how to learn*. Sometimes knowledge is buried deep, sure, but with UE, literally 5 seconds of simple Google searching yields hundreds of paths of learning :slight_smile:

This Channel has some good tutorials for FPS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOjL_e3Njo82-W1CxWAUJQ

Otherwise just search on youtube, you’ll find tons of tutorials there.

Just look in the game samples that epic provides for free in the launcher: there is a shooter game that u can use as basis for a FPS. i has player, weapons, ammo, pickup, enemies, multiplayer.