Looking for a partner to team up in developing game

Hello, guys. I’m developing a classical battle royale game, and would like to team up with more people to finish its development. Terms and conditions of project team up will be negotiated(made and agreed) if you are in.

About myself, I’m 17 and male. I have experience in Unity development, have a working prototype (or game itself), and have enough time during day for development, and experience where to get what for UE4.

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Jay#2383 on discord.

Send me a DM after January 1st.

If you are serious about getting better and putting in time to learn the tools I think we will get along great.

I am located in US Eastern timezone.

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Well, you are for developing game or for learning UE4?

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Learning right now. A game may be too ambitious and I don’t want to distract from learning UE4 concepts by getting stuck on specific game features.

could I join along? I am trying to learn UE and want to put my time towards a collaborative project. I would also be down to learn what your dong so I can improve too.