Looking for a partner to create a game for schools

I am a middle school teacher and have an idea to create a game for classrooms. Problem is I️ do not know anything about creating a game. I’m looking for a partner to help create my vision and we would split any profits.

email if you are interested.

I have experience marketing for schools and a product I own (it was passed down developed for windows 98). It is called Beat the Board, but that company you look up when you search it won a rights case for the domain… don’t think they use it now though.

I’m still trying to get paid to develop, I’ve developed a business line application and set up a website with a framework independent of the unreal engine that I created an API for and used a c++ plugin to communicate with the website… I’ve got the experience you need, but again with the last application I developed being unpaid (which was a breach) I can’t work for free. I’ve had to move to sustain my ability to develop at this point as well.…-nobody-cares/

Sorry dude, but ideas are worthless and schools most of the time have zero or little actual money.
If you have an actual plan of execution then fine share that here now, maybe it has some value etc.

BTW-1: UE4 is an industrial-size game engine so may be overkill. Looked at any simpler engines?
BTW-2: Using a ‘Gmail’ address to discuss business, that’s unwise imo… Got any other accounts?

UE4 is an industrial argument, and it’s at fortnite and impressing people at conventions. The developers are supposed to drive this and you come in here.

Not sure what you’re trying to say…In some of your past posts others were lost too.
Are you saying ‘us’ developers should be driving use of UE4? Well I do in general.
But I also want to pick the ‘right tool’ for the job, and sometimes UE4 is overkill etc.

We’re talking about quality and yeah there is a frustrating lack of quality I’ve experienced dealing with people (not being worth my time especially). We’re not doing command prompt or text based applications in any environment. It’s actually counter-intuitive to teach something less than industry leading in standards.

I’m not trying to knock unreal they have a surprising history even before UE4.

Didn’t really have an answer for what exactly the point is, I don’t like your mentality franktech. Here’s why, you come in here with some post that’s supposed to I guess condescend on an idea that isn’t clearly formulated in the first place like your adding to the conversation. Which is the problem with your mentality… all you know how to do is attract attention like a twitter user. When it comes to actually doing something, and you’ve been there before I sure hope you can code now, but when you first started. Go back to that point. When it comes to doing something your about as lost as the machine trying to make good ideas and execute them.

I don’t know what the state of the art is at now but that’s not the right points frank your an assberg to me frank. A potato *** chunk of human berg to me frank. Because whatever it is that you do may or may not be that good and I hope that it is an exemplary ball of shining talent frank, but for the most part you get these projects that get crowd funded and it’s garbage frank. That’s the problem, dumping ■■■■ in the sea frank and messing with all the fish.

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