Looking for a partner (programmer) to make Game.


I am a designer and many other things but am in need of someone who can program game mechanics among other programming tasks. This is not paid, however the profit would be split between the two of us. I can guarantee you that the this game will be completed and sold, as I do this professionally for a living. I already have GDD and will write up a contract for the lucky person to join me. I am very open to input and this is a team effort, I will just be managing to keep things in perspective and within time frame. I estimate project length to be 3 months.

please respond with portfolio of what you can do or simply explain.

Hi Bobtheturtle

It would help if you could give more details of the game? Also some details about yourself (experience / previous game).

You professional deliver them for a living so why are you reaching out in such a manner?

Even if you can guarantee the project will be delivered and for sale it’s likely that it wouldn’t sell that much. Do you have a marketing plan?

Yes, I am looking for one partner (cofounder) to help me create the game. I am not a programmer and everything else I can either do myself or eventually pay someone to do a specific task (like music). I can discuss more about game but a NDA will have to be signed. I have marketing campaign prepared and all the legal preparation required. Please, message me if you are very talented and would like to split revenue.

Why not use something like to publish a GDD?

it did take me a while to figure out you can do that .

@JonDavis99 I have the GDD, it is not public domain

I agree with Ed Bennet, while i tried my hand at “recruiting” for Modifications intended for full-game releass, you are not following any proper guidelines or structure, simply asking for portfolios and making hear-say statements about your Design.

Sorry, i like to barter work, and i’m not in it for money, i develop for artistic freedom of expression and to make something unique and immersive…

Please, send a Contact Request here if you want to share your work privately, in a more Professional Manner:

(I am on a Fixed-Retirement Income,) so i won’t have $$ until next week to move my wixsite to a new Domain, i was unprepared at the costs of Modern Web-Hosting and bought a Domain through a Reseller, who 1: Sold my Mobile # to Marketers and Scammers, and 2: Made me lose Three Times the amount of my Hosting Fee by charging me 8 days in advance, when i had a payment uncleared for a bill, and it bounced due to a technically fraudulent preemptive charge on the account. Hostgator is scandalous.

Fun fact: Nobody steals **unproven **game concepts.

The reason for this is pretty simple. On their own, without any context or plan for execution they are 99% worthless. You could have struck gold conceptually, but unless you have the right people you need to bring the concept to fruition you will be stuck with closely guarded vaporware. Asking people to sign NDAs and jump through hoops just to get an idea of what you’re working on is the surest way to be ignored.

If you actually want to generate interest (and potentially get that programmer you need) you’ll need to put something “public” out there.

My $0.02 from 15 years of making indie games.