Looking for a particular tutorial .

Hi, I’ve been these past few days learning the basics of 3DS Max, and I’ve been wathcing some videos about modeling and rigging, however, I feel like I need to understand better the whole process that starts in the modeling sheet to a finished 3D model.

Is there any tutorial that shows you the whole process?, for example, animating a simple humanoid (or not humanoid) character, no need to be complex or high polly.


If it’s free tutorials you want, check youtube. There are many. Simple search “3d max animation tutorial” should give nice results.
For rigging you could use Biped or CAT.

I remember Digital Tutors had some tutorials for animation in Max. But you have to pay for them.

Animation would be a plus, what I’m really after is the modeling starting from a modeling sheet, you know, the orthographic helpers.

It’s really the same - just type what you want.
Here’s a good one, and it seems to have all you want:

That seems great ty.

An oldie but a goody.
I used this tutorial many many years ago and still apply the techniques every day

As for rigging.
You dont get better than this.

This guy explains exactly what you need to consider and delves into the thought process behind everything.
Much better than a quick oh do this and that video tutorial.

Thanks for those videos, luckily my non-humanoid characters are very simple, so I think even a newbie like me could do it.

hehe… if its non human maybe look into CAT as your animation tool. Im also a noob. Well i am a noob. Not newbie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tips for CAT

Do not use the “Motion Extraction Node” there are far too many issues with it. Sometimes even corrupting your animations.
Instead add a bone on the Hips, Link it to your Main Helper, and link your hips to the new bone.

If animations start crashing, chances are that animation layer is corrupt. If it was a cat motion layer… its possible to extract the settings and import it on a new CAT Motion layer.

Make use of World adjustment layers and Local Adjustment layers.

What is CAT?, it is a tool inside 3DS Max?

It’s a rigging tool used in Max. It can produce some nice results.