Looking for a Paper 2D side Scrolling C++ tutorials

I’ve been studying C++ for a while now however I stopped and wanted to continue on on Unreal Engine along with Visual Studio.
I have basic understanding of what a C++ is and what does it do.

So I need a good Tutorials for Unreal Engine 4 C++ for Paper 2D.
Also I already know how to use UE4 to some degree on setting sprites camera and and many stuff like player Character.

Thanks in advance.

Anybody? help!!!

I mean really if you already know the engine some and can set up sprites and camera and player character then you know about 90% or more of what is out there for paper2D. When it comes to paper2D you are pretty much on your own. Since paper2D is considered done from what I can gather they only ever do bug fixes on it and that’s it they aren’t going to continue building on it any longer. What makes things even harder is that there are a lot less C++ tutorials than there are BP ones so most of the stuff you are going to find will be a BP tutorial. But you could literally do the same thing with code as long as you understand everything so those tutorials might still be of some use.

I recommend just finding C++ tutorials either for unreal specifically or just in general because you don’t actually need paper2D it’s just a nice place to start and saves a little time getting a fresh project workable. Once you know how to write C++ decent and know more about the engine you can do whatever you want. That’s when you will really see what I mean about paper2D.

Yeah that what I was planning to do,
Well thanx for the reply really appreciate it.