Looking for a online team for my catman horror game

Hi my name is megaplaygames but you can call me cory or mega im looking for a online team that could help me with my horror game call catman this project has been in development for maybe about a year i think but havent able to get anything done by myself i had learn some of the engine of how to make a horror game and other simple projects i have made with the help of youtube videos but sometimes those videos dont help me since i forget how to do it im looking for anyone that could help me with blueprints levels animations anything that people can help me with

to contact me you can dm me on twitter and i will send you my discord tag (if you have discord)

my twitter is megaplaygames2officail

one last thing i have some talent of how to make models but it wouldnt hurt to get more modelers to help me with the game

i will make a server that will be for just for the team only on discord