Looking for a Nice and Ambitious team

Hello all,

I’m looking for a fun, ambitious and interesting team and project to help, learn and have fun. I’m 25 years old and live in germany.

My past experince consist in developing a mod for the game Crysis Wars named “Casus Belli” where I have been modeling mostly buildings with sketchup. I also did my first steps in sound design and team management there. The mod was released back in 2009.
I also worked on a 3 man indie game called “Helena the 3rd” which got released on steam. It was developed on a self-created games engine in opengl (not by me). My responsibility was mainly Art and Animations.

Over the last couple of years I have had some minor development projects where I assisted as team manager, producer or lady for everything. Last project was a small game for the UE4 DevJam in october.

My goal is to find a nice team again. I’d love to become professional at blueprints or level design but wont have a problem with helping out at other fields that need work and a helping hand.

Tools I have experience with:

World Machine
3ds Max
visual sudio 2015

If there should be any questions please dont hesitate and ask, either with a reply here or via pm :wink:

Thanks for reading

Best regards


Do you have a skype?

Ich kann dich gebrauchen :smiley:

Hey there,
I am a student from Germany who wants to create a PC Game. I need people who want to join me on the trip to create a computer game. You can be a member/ developer that get payed when funds are raised on kickstarter. At the moment I only have a concept of how the game will look like.

This is a “SciFi”/Zombie game. You are a member of a company, that is specialized on neural networking and virtual reality.

You can enter the hub to dive into different scenarios.

The first scenario (set in ~ 2020) is an open world zombie apocalypse, where you and your friends have to gather resources and build bases to survive. Also driving vehicles and upgrading them with metal panels, carbon windows etc.

The idea of the game is to create something without an HUD, so everything is as realistic as possible.
In the future there will be a parkour system like in Mirrors Edge

So at the moment i can not pay you anything, maybe it will work in the future with the help of fund raising.

Schönen Tag!

E-Mail: whitecrispstudios@yahoo.com

Hello I found your post on unreal forums and I would like to see if you would be interested in joining us? we are building a MMO prototype and need to get some work done, we need to get some ships, mechs and other props created. I have a funding company that is looking at us but they need to see the prototype and will fund us. This could turn into a fulltime position. let me know if you are interested. you can email me at or skype me

Hey I’m trying to become a game designer but I don’t know where to start. I have some skills in c++ and some art skills as well. I was trying to create my own open world futuristic rpg game by myself but didnt get that far because it’s just to hard. I’m a college student as well. My idea for a game was similar to a borderlands type game but has elements Gundam, Destiny and Warframe. I would love to see if I can join you. Message me if you would like to.

add me on skype: ( Display Picture)

Dm on Twitter if your still avaliable Check out