Looking for a Name for one of our Projects

Hello All,

We are a Virtual Reality development studio and we are really stumped for names for our VR experience project. The prototype had a sucessful launch (as an installation and venues), but we want to take it to the next level. So were wondering if any of you had any suggestions.

In the experience, the player can enter an elevator, and can use it to travel to different places in time to witness events in history, or the stories of those who inhabited them, as a way for us tell great stories from the past, and to represent those with lesser known experiences.

The intention of the project is to ultimately draw light to critical moments in history, especially to those who have and are under-represented in society.

We’ve been sat around a table for hours today, discussing ideas, but can’t quite nail down something we really like.

Some key words we kinda liked the sound of included: Voices, Fragments, Lives, Lost

Any Thoughts? Thanks!

Here is my modest contribution.
When I create a title my intent is to catch the attention, intrigue and evoke (the topic), all at the same time. You have four keywords, I got four titles using each word:

-Voice Catcher
-The flow of lives
-All the fragments can shine (All the fragments may shine?)
-Into lost light

I’m usually good with titles, but I’m also French, and it’s definitely more tricky in another language! Anyway, hope this helps! Let me know if it did!