Looking for a mod team

So, recently, I have been reaching out to find a mod team to help with the next big mod ark. I got bored one day and got back into ripping models and decided after extensively doing it that it should be put into a mod on ark. It’s a great Idea and sure to hit it big in the community. Unfortunately I lack the skills to do anything further than ripping and converting the assets.

I give you my pitch:

  1. It’s gonna be big… Immensely popular.
  2. I can 99.9% guarantee it will take top vote.
  3. Why haven’t I mentioned the name yet or content yet? I don’t want people stealing ideas.
  4. It’s non-profit. We do this for fun.
  5. Finally If anything goes wrong with it (say… DMCA) it would fall back on me and you aren’t on a watch list because you would be contributors.

I can’t say much about the project openly. Only that I need people who are more familiar with the dev kit than I am.

I need people who know their way around the models. Texture Mapping, Rigging, Animating, Texturing. And, again, people who are definitely familiar with how the dev kit works.

If you’re skeptical. Fine. Can’t stop opinion. If you are interested… Please PM me for further details and we can see what we can get set up.