Looking for a method to organize sets of colors

Hey folks,

A key component of my game is to hand-pick colors for the scene and transition the entire scene between sets of colors. Currently I’m doing this with a struct of colors (ground, rocks, sky, etc) and I have a blueprint that contains an array of this struct. So in the blueprint defaults, I’ve set up several sets of colors as items in the array. I can set the scene to use the colors in a particular index, and fade from index to index.

This method is not ideal because the UI for organizing the elements of an array is unpleasant, and if one element of the blueprint corrupts, I lose every color in the game. It would be so much better if I could have maybe a file for each color palette, and a way to arrange them into different orders. Can you think of a way that I can do this?


The new idea I had was to make a Blueprint class containing a variable for each color, then make child blueprints for each set. Then, I’ll place these child blueprints in the level, connect the actors to the master color-changer blueprint (by setting up an array of this class and picking them with the eyedropper) and steal the colors from them that way.