Looking for a Mentor/Teacher

Hey, I’m really interested in beginning game development. I figured there must be some experts on here who may be open to helping out a COMPLETE beginner.

I can’t pay any fees, sorry in advance.

I’m interested in the scope of making a 3rd person game that will progress from single player to multi-player after I have developed enough skills (i hear this takes years)

Skype is an option, I would just like someone to sit down with me and go over the tips and tricks and answer my questions about animations, clothing, etc. we dont have to schedule lessons or do any of that, just need someone I can bounce ideas off of and learn from.

Anyone interested?

Thanks for reading.

Nobody is going to do what you request. I mean it makes no sense why would anyone? when you can just get everything on youtube? making games is VERY hard. If you can’t do simple things on your own you will reach nowhere, 98% of people using UE4 will never have a finished game.

Hey, why don’t you join us on slack, we can all help you succeed :slight_smile:

@walkingdead you obviously dont understand anything you just read.

THank you @zarko, I will be sure to use slack.

You specifically stated you want to use Skype, AND you have no money, who in their right mind is going to connect to you with skype to teach you how to use UE4 and build a game when you can just google it and read documentation or use videos on youtube?

Using slack, I have found two people willing to do so, thanks for your feedback. You can find another thread to be a pessimist on now.

You have trouble understanding English, it is not my fault you can’t even read what you wrote.

You asked for someone to skype I told you nobody is going to skype you and that you have to join a forum or look at youtube videos and learn atleast something on your own atleast the basics before someone can help you.

Calm down, you don’t want help, it is fine, but do not start flame war here because you are unwilling, there may be others who will help.

My advice is not to make your opus game all at once.

Also, never make a single player game and then try to make it multiplayer, it ends very badly. If you are going to make a multiplayer game, make it that way from the start.

Instead of making a whole game, start by doing GameJams and make core concepts of a game but only spending a weekend on it, or feature by feature things that would go into one.