Looking for a Maya expert to fix .FBX animations for Unreal Engine

I have some .fbx animations that have been improperly exported for Unreal Engine. they were made in Maya and they dont open in Unreal Engine (which is where they are needed to be used). I am looking for someone who is familar with exporting animations for Unreal and could problem solve this issue. I have shown this file to a number of people and they have all struggled to resolve it. I have managed to export it myself as Alembic, but elements from the animation (a bottle that the character drinks from and a phone they use) are missing from the scene upon import - they are not connected in the fbx - they do however play perfectly in Maya. Would you be interested in loooking at it to see if you are able to help? If so, I would prefer not to have them as Alembic files, but if they dont work any other way then Alembic would be acceptable. If you are interested please let me know and I will send a file for you to take a look at.
Please note that I do not have the original Maya files (.ma/.mb) that they were made in, I only have the fbx.
Many thanks