Looking for a little help with firebreath

Ok so this is the very first ever mod ive made or attempted to make ever…never used Unreal any 3d programs nothing learning as i go/do things…

Ok so i’ve managed to make a Dilogon ie, A dilo with dragons breath that hurts(Was Hoping For Burn Damage), I have … In The Editor… He can spawn, he breaths fire(but still Spits and poisons STILL) and damages player and dinos but…
In The Game… He spawns he breaths fire but it comes out as the level/default texture 314bd2c4e0065ac2afba39687b61dae0bff040e5.jpeg any one have a way on fixing this…Thanks to anyone who helps out




…Thanks Again Very Appreciated…


Hey DeathDragonEater,
In order for any mesh or any particle effect to take effect inside of the mod, you will need to duplicate the particle effect and make sure that is inside of your mod folder and referenced correctly in the your custom dinos BP. I had this same issue on cana-ark. Hope this helps!

thanks Mr.Pwndabear i got it to work in game thanks very much