Looking for a lightning artist for a small project


We are a small studio doing 3D asset packages for UE4 and we have finished a new package. We need someone with good lightning skills to improve our demo map that showcases our 3D assets. Big bonus if you can color grade our demo map as well.

Please contact me if you’re interested.

you mean studio lighting setup or any other specific setup ?

@SickaGS No, the map is in UE4, it’s a demo map for an asset pack. The lightning I did is quite terrible so I need someone very experienced in UE4 lightning to redo it and make the scene look great so I can take a couple of screenshots that will showcase the assets in UE4 marketplace.

ok. if you have discord message me we can talk more i see if i can help :

Thank you all for the DMs and replies. I have went with @SickaGS for this project. Have a nice weekend!