Looking for a learning path

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to Unreal Engine as I started learning less than an hour ago… I have a background in C++ development and would like to learn something new so Unreal Engine seems like a good fit. However since I’m very new I would like to make sure that I’m learning things the right way (if that’s a thing).

So far I’ve been browsing the C++ documentation on the Unreal website and watched some tutorials on YouTube but I’m still feeling overwhelmed because it seems like there is so much to learn.

The good news is I have time so I would like to get some recommendations on what to learn first so I can schedule my training over the next months. I think I should focus more on the C++ aspect since I have a programming background but I’m not sure if I should learn more global concepts first. So any help would be appreciated.

I also have some more general questions: what’s the added value of using C++ vs the other approaches? In other words, what can be done in C++ that can’t be done otherwise? What part of the projects are usually handled in C++? Also I’ve seen job offers involving some networking, which I’m also familiar with. Does UE cover such aspects or is it handled using other libraries?

Thanks a lot.