Looking for a laptop for game development use UF4

Hello guys. Sorry about my english (i’m come from Viet Nam).
I’ve started learn to make a game and I’m looking for a laptop can run smoothly UF4. You known, I can’t focus my process if my machine too weak.
In my country I have so many title of 2nd workstation laptop (like Thinkpad T440 T540 W530, Dell Precision M4700 M6700, HP 8570w etc…) with 3rd CPU, Quadro GPU like K2000, K1100M,… 16-32GB RAM, just under 1000$, or I may choose a new gaming laptop of ASUS, MSI, Lenovo with GeForce GPU, newest CPU generations,…
I just have under 1000$. So I will very greating if you guys can give me advantages.
Thank you for reading.

Get a gaming laptop, workstation GPUs are not suitable for UE4. If possible get one with a GTX 1060 or better.

Thank you for reply.
Can you give me a name of brands, because I looking for a best keyboard for code. How do you think about Sager ?!