Looking for a landscape programmer / artist for UE4 landscape layer modifications (Aprx. 150-200$)


We’re a small team working on a game. The deadline for the demo is nigh and we already had requests to vary our landscape a bit over our 30-odd maps. But for the sake of continuity, we didn’t want to have different landscape packages for every map.

So far, we relied on UE4 demos and marketplace landscapes. We need help to either mix & match or add layers to existing landscapes, so we can use them on existing maps without too much overhaul before the deadline.

Just a heads up: this is a Bible game and we are presenting this demo to an office of the Catholic Church. Anybody is welcome. But I know that some people may be uncomfortable to be associated with some or any faith for their own personal reasons.


Note: You won’t be working on the 30 maps. You only need to work on a solution that will affect them. Our layout artist will take care of the rest.