Looking for a Junior Environment Artist (Contract)

We’re looking to add a Junior Artist to our team, who can work at least 20 hours per week.

We’re looking for someone that knows their way around the Unreal 4 engine and can help out in a few areas:

Collision: We need to have collision built for a number of buildings and objects in our level. We prefer collision created in-engine as we’re working with different 3D packages for asset creation, and would like to avoid UCX_ collision that’s built as part of the model. (Unless those collision models can be built separately and imported on their own.) The 3D software you use is up to you, as long as you can output final .fbx models.

Texturing and Materials: We’re also in need of someone with a good grasp of the PBR material system in Unreal, and can create nice materials. We’re using the Substance plugin for our project, so familiarity with substance designer would be a benefit as well.

LOD’s: We haven’t decided how much we want to do with LOD’s at this point, but knowledge and experience with working with LOD’s would be helpful.

Please have some samples or a portfolio that shows some of your work.

If qualified and interested, please send a PM to me.