Looking for a jack-of-all-trades or small team for small project!

I want a person or persons that can create a short animated clip using two 3D characters to portray a scene. I will be voicing both characters and using the clip strictly as part of my portfolio for voice acting. The scene will be a detective and a criminal in an interrogation room. The criminal will be in a chair handcuffed and the detective will be questioning/interrogating him. All models, environments, rigging etc. can be taken from stock resources or extracted from video games. I’d prefer to work with one person that can do everything but if I have to I’ll hire a few people. If you’re interested in working on this hit me up and let me know your fee. I’m not looking to pay full industry prices but I’m not looking for charity either. And if you’re in Canada like me, all the better as our currency isn’t worth squad compared to the US right now haha


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Hello Curtis,

Thanks for the reply. May I know the total duration of the cutscenes that you need animated ? If the numbers seem feasible, I might just be able to do it for a discounted price.


The way we approach our business is that having a team of specialists, if managed well, is a good way to go over finding a jack of all trades. We are in Montreal ourselves so we can look at doing this in CDN if you want :slight_smile:

Check out my sig for more info on us and our work and I’d love to chat more with you about the details of the work