Looking for a founder to help with changing the world

Developer - Simity

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Job Description

We are looking to change the way robots are developed and trained to streamline the creation and production of robots.

Looking for an experienced game developer who knows unreal engine inside and out to help me build a prototype to get seed funding. After seed funding, I’m looking for someone technical who can help guide the unreal engine development. Until we get funded, this is a pure equity position.

-Looking for someone who can create an in-game editor similar to the physics asset editor

  • familiar with streaming assets in from a network location or cloud

  • familiar with generating mesh data from GIS data

  • familiarity with photogrammetry

  • Interested or have some experience in robotics development

Skills & Requirements
Unreal Engine
How to Apply
Please send a DM on discord(brian.mello#5311), or email, Thanks!