Looking for a few Beginners to Collaborate With

Hi, my name is Aiden. I am 14 years old, and I am a newcomer to coding C++ but getting into it.

I am looking for a few beginners like myself to gain a learning experience together. You don’t have to be learning code, but if you are looking to work with UE4 or 3D modelling, etc. then I think we can collaborate. We won’t make any money, unless we think we have made a product of decent value. Skype will be our main form of communication.

Together we would work on small projects together for a learning experience.

The quickest way to contact me is by my skype: nachobroyt
P.S., I live in the Eastern North American time zone.


Are you able to create 3D models, texture and setup materials in UE4?

There are many teamups like this thread, most died because of user inactivity.
If i would be you, then i would join an existing one, gather some experience there.