Looking for a Development Team

I am currently brainstorming for a new project which I need assistance with… This would require a team of skilled Artists in many forms, talents Required are further down.

In this game, the player works through a campaign full of mystery. The player works for a freelance detective company in modern time and is tasked with uncovering the mystery of a serial killer. My goal for this game is to create an emotional experience for the player, with twists and turns in the plot.

Features of the game:
-Singleplayer campaign (may incorporate multiplayer).
-Emotionally heartwarming campaign experience.
-Possible open-world gameplay.
-Third person
-Cinematic scenes included

My qualifications:
To be honest, there is not much. However, i know a little 3D Modelling, a fair bit of programming and i have small amounts of skills in animation. On the other hand, I am good at story-based projects and I can put everything everyone in the team has created and compile it into the game.

Talents Required:

3D Modeller (1-3):
-familiar with ue4 tools and blender, cinema4d or any other 3D Modelling service and it’s tools also.
-To be able to use his/her’s instinct to depict what each object should look like without a description.

Texture Artist (1-2):
-To be able to create textures for models with a certain amount of ease and speed
-To know what programs to use and how to use them
-To be able to use instinct to depict what each texture should look like without a description.

Artist (1-3): (for the cover/title screen etc.)
-To be able to utilise the tools of different programs to produce high-quality art for the project.
-To be able to create 3D aswell as 2D art that suits the project well with speed and a certain quantity of ease.

Character Modeller (1-4):
-To be able to utilise the unreal engine’s tools and those of any other necessary programs required to complete the task given.
-To be able to create a high quality character model for the main characters and also any other pedestrians or enemies that the player may encounter.

     Contact me:

Skype: kwillij10

The payment amount will be discussed using any of the methods above. I would also prefer that you use those methods above to secure a place in this team.

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I’m a craftsman of 3d assets and I might be interested, should you gather enough people for this.

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