Looking for a developer to potentially build two product configurators


I represent a company who are currently looking for an agency to help us with a couple of projects that involve building web-based & VR product configurators.

We have two projects in mind, one of them is already part-complete, but due to unforeseen circumstances the agency we were working with were unable to continue with our future goals - so we need someone to pick up where they left off.

Here’s some details:

**Project 1 - Web Based 3D Window & Door Configurator **(planning stage)

  • Bespoke window & door sales tool, work with our web development agency to integrate a fully functional and polished WebGL configurator, possibly using Blend4Web, or other equally performant framework.
  • Parametric geometry editing, we will need the 3D preview meshes to change in length & width as the user configures their desired dimensions.
  • Able to be commercialised and fully integrated into our website (order placement e.t.c)
  • All 3D geometry and materials will be provided by us.
  • Different product options, like materials, styles e.t.c (TBC fully after a proof of concept build)
  • Mobile/Desktop responsive, well optimised.

**Project 2 - Virtual Reality 3D Garden Room Configurator **(proof of concept & base functionality complete)

  • High-end garden room configurator & virtual reality experience, we have a room-scale VR area in our showroom, which we use to allow customers to customise a garden room and visualise it.

  • Here is a link to a short video that showcases our current progress.

  • Future plans:

  • Higher fidelity visuals (we have in-house 3D art capabilities to achieve this)

  • More furniture presets/arrangements

  • A total of 8 different buildings under 2 product ranges (we currently only have 1 building implemented)

  • We would like a more intuitive control setup, potentially moving from Vive to Rift, to take advantage of hand-presence (open to other suggestions, potentially looking towards cutting-edge tech)

  • Replace our current out-of-date web configurator with a new 3D version, similar in function to Project 1, but needs to have a well developed back-end that can talk to our various sales-tools in-house and our current VR experience. Essentially we want a modern and unified solution to our customer journey.

Just looking for interest at the moment, I can send over full specifications for both projects if you [EMAIL=“kurt.mitchell@greenretreats.co.uk”]email me here, alternatively download the .pdf I’ve attached to this post and provide a quote for the Project 1 proof of concept spec.

Would prefer a UK based partnership, so meetings could be setup more easily, although we can drop this preference for the right candidate. There may also be a potential for a full-time position for the right candidate in the future, if that was desirable - although these plans are still in their infancy.

Hey there, we actually have a lot of experience in this area. We have developed the 3D web configurator for the largest playground manufacturer in America over the last year or two as well as maintaining it with product and pricing updates: http://design.backyardadventures.com

For VR configurators I believe we we created the very first VR car configurators built in UE4 back in 2014: Audi Car Configurator VR Showcase on Vimeo and have been working in VR ever since
We have also been heavily involved in making UE4 the norm in the Arch Viz world, also starting in 2014 and our latest tool was built for CBRE: Commercial Arch Viz Demo on Vimeo

We always get excited about the chance to work on products that push the boundaries of the non-gaming world with gaming tech so I’d be thrilled to chat more with you about this. Before speccing this out it would be great to have a quick call so I’ll email you now and setup a time.


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