Looking for a dev team 3D FPS (PLS DUTCH)

Hay i cant say alot here but im looking 4 a team that want to build a game whit me

If you are intrested Just tel me donw below

I cant pay you right now but we are one team and we are all getting payt after releas of the game

If you are dutch Than you are more the welcome

If there are no Dutch peaple here The ENG talking peaple are good 2 do

I have the game on papier and it wil stay a secred until We anounse stuf of it.

SRRY 4 the bad ENG

Maar als er nederlands mensen zijn Meld je hier beneden aan en we gaan samen op skype en dan bespreken we de rest .

Hello , I’m a beginner with unreal engine but I learn something new everyday , I’m pretty good using Cinema 4D which is an advantage since you need animations and some models which I’m more of an animator but I’m also learning modelling and I can make some Maps for the game in Cinema 4D and export them to unreal engine since its way easier than making the map in the engine oh and also I speak 2 languages ! 1.English 2.Spanish I’m really interested in making a First person shooter that is not futuristic at all ( I like to keep it classic ) and I don’t need a paycheck so yea yo don’t have to pay me for anything unless you get donations or I get donations then yea thats all but I don’t care about money even though I do need a better computer that can run at least high settings …