Looking for a Concept Artist!


I need a concept artist that is good with Steampunk views! I have many Idea’s I just need help getting it fully put together…I can pay per drawing or something like that…Very open to payment ideas Im just not rich LOL So Im not asking for AAA art I just need it good enough to use for modeling…

Really need the help guys/gals

Feel free to send us a quote by going to . Check out the site(see sig) for previous concept work we’ve done. By ‘not rich’ I hope you’re not expected concepts for $50 each, if that’s the case I’d recommend Deviant Art where the quality and professionalism are typically a few notches down from the work being offered here

I’ve sent you a couple of reminders to pay. 50% of the work is done.
A discount was given, and you never paid after invoice was issued.

I hope your attention to this matter is appreciated.

I’ve rendered your concept art as model:

Throw down your ideas into PM