Looking for a collection of Custom Athletic Animations

Hi I am seeking an animator to create a hand full of custom sport animations for me. These include a basketball player dribbling a basketball, soccer player dribbling soccer ball and hockey player hitting hockey puck with a stick. The rigged model will be provided. Please email me at with examples of your animations if interested.


Hey Allen/Daniel, really happy to see posts like this as we have a ton of experience in the sports field… For Amercan Football we have done a lot of animation work for Axis Football( and Get It Right Training(, and for soccer we actually have worked for the NHFS creating a series of scenes such as this one:…582642b2d9957a for training purposes as well as other soccer games over the years like this one:

I will email you now but if you would like to check out anymore of our work feel free to head over to and send any questions you might have to [EMAIL=“”]