LOOKING for A coder (blueprints) for Snowboard game (will pay)

LOOKING for A coder (blueprints) for Snowboard game (will pay)

You want to help?

Are you still looking to help on a project

yes i am

Hi! I would love to know more about this. I can be reached at jawoods141@gmail.com or you can respond on here, I would love to help.

I have lived and breath Unreal Engine for the past 5 years.

Here are a few examples of projects I have recently created:

Advanced Portable Light Level Detection System

Written in C++ and Blueprint, APLLDS is a tool that is useful for stealth games or any game that requires a character to sneak.
Specifically, it looks at a spot on your map and determines how lit that spot is on a scale from 0 to 100. And it does this in REAL TIME!

Nuke’s Portable AI Movement Module for C++ Characters Demo

Written in C++, PAIMM is a tool that adds Artificial Intelligence to any non playable C++ character in Unreal Engine.
Simply follow a few easy steps then attach the PAIMM component to your C++ Characters derived blueprint and just like that, your NPC now has AI and can move around on its own.

Short Demo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bjBDxCfBObnHOJxCThxB-T1kJ2Etp3Ps?usp=sharing
Project Files:
Shop-Mania is my game that I am making. It is not yet in a presentable form but you can still run around in the demo and look at my source code.

I hope to work with you soon.

I’ll see if I can whip something up. Do you have a discord or should I post on here

Add me on Skype

Eamon Al-Helali

I don’t have Skype, I have zoom and Microsoft teams

And discord if you wanted to get one.

I’m also in touch with artists if you need it