Looking for a Character Artist

[CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Character Artist

Project Title:
Undisclosed (see below)

ARPG for PC/Xbox One/PS4

Team Name:
Undisclosed (see below)

Current Team Structure**:**

  • Project Manager, C++ Programmer
  • C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripting
  • C++ Programmer
  • 3D Environment Artist

Previous Work:
Undisclosed (see below)

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist

  • Required knowledge: Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter, Maya (preferably, or any other 3D package)
  • Required skills: Organic high-poly sculpting, retopology, UV creation
  • Bonus skills: Character animation, rigging, skinning
  • Huge Plus: Knowledge of UE4’s AnimBlueprints

Undisclosed (see below)

E-mail: varg@sonofgod.it

Hello, we are a small independent team made of both industry veterans and fresh new talents. Unfortunately, we had to part ways with a team member (a Character Artist) and we’re looking for a replacement.

Our game is fully self-funded, so we don’t have a huge budget at this stage (but we may have other opportunities soon and we can also set the job price from time to time, depending on the task).

We can’t share much details here (hope you’ll understand); we are currently working on finalizing a vertical slice of our game and we will share any detailed information about it with anyone interested (game title, screenshots, videos, press releases, articles and even a playable demo).

We’re not just looking for a freelancer, we’d like to find the perfect replacement for our former Character Artist. The ideal candidate should be willing to join the team (either in person in our studio or remotely, it’s up to you!) and share this adventure with us!

We can’t afford paying a salary at this stage, but we’re willing to share revenues/royalties. Also, since we do this for a living and the project is self-funded, we do a lot of outsourcing and the ideal candidate could work with us on external projects as well (if he wishes so). Of course, those would be paid works.

If it sounds interesting, please drop us a line at the email address above (or just PM / post here on the thread), so we can discuss the details and talk about the game.

We’re fine with people that are still learning (we’re not rushing!), but they should prove to be reliable and should have a portfolio showing their skills.