Looking for a Character artist/animator!

Hi there!

Team Nomnom is looking for a Character Artist and/or Animator that could create a specific stylized character that fits our specifications (it’s an Quadruped animal)

We’re a small development team of three based out of Tucson, AZ and San Francisco. If you’re a good fit for our needs, we may continue to offer you paid contracts. This is freelance only to be clear, not a fully paid position.

We have set a specified price to the contract as well that fits our budget, so please do not quote us based upon any hourly rates.

If you’re interested sent your information and portfolio to

Hey William, congrats on the great stuff you guys have done and received attention for. I’ve heard the name nom nom in circles before and would love to chat about bringing out two houses together to work on some Quadripeds. We’ve done a fair of quadriped work in the last couple months coincidentally so it’s definitely something that’s fresh in our minds. Any hint at what you guys are up to now or is this for Base Jump or SDES?