Looking for a C++ gameplay programmer for Socialize, a modern-day MMORPG

Hi, I’m Victor, I’m in charge of all the programming related to Socialize (

Socialize is an open-world, modern-day MMORPG, made with an ue4 client and an in-house server tech.

Your task will be to create all the C++ gameplay mechanics of the game, you will be working with me (I’m making all the server tech).

The tasks will include:

  • Implement client-side network protocol in C++
  • Create gameplay mechanics
  • Integrate assets
  • Create procedural systems to help level designers

It’s a paid contract starting in a few weeks if you are interested and want to know more feel free to join us on discord: Discord and comes talk to me (Victor)

You can learn more about the game on our website: or on our twitter:, have a great day!