Looking for a blueprinter or programmer with an idea

Hi everyone!

Our studio is looking for people, who have their own game ideas, but don’t have enough of their own resources or knowledge to create the games with everything it needs.

If you can convince us that your idea could turn into a good game with a gameplay prototype (blocked out with default UE content), we will happily accept you to our team. We prefer mobile games, but we are open to any ideas.

We will:

  • Pay you for working on your own game idea (task-based).
  • Provide any necessary tools you might need for your work.
  • Provide all the game content your game might need.
  • Publish your game (we’ll take care of marketing and other boring stuff).
  • Provide support to your game’s community, with your help.

You should be confident in either blueprinting or programming the whole game’s logic on your own.

Please send us a mail with your brief introduction to to start our discussion.

We’ll reply to everyone. Thank you!